Silken Tofu at Home-First Attempt Nov 2012

Im afraid it is not much to look at at all but Im quite proud of the end result.

Using my basic milk recipe I made a thick, rich milk that is used to make silken tofu. Silken is by far my fav so the whole point I guess of doing thsi whole things was to be able to make my own silken tofu. Far less waste this time around so I feel like you do get more bang for your buck and time.

Unlike the firmer tofu where you add a coagulant, the silken tofu is not coagulated but rather steamed gently with the addition of gypsum to the tofu milk so it sets. So where as I needed 5 or so cups for the firm tofu that resulted in one small block of tofu once the whey and curds are seperated, this way I needed 3 cups and have 3 cups remaining.

Once the gypsum is mixed in it is steamed in my bamboo steamer for 10 mins till set then cooled.

I have fridged it over night to see if that alters the texture at all but Im pretty happy with it I must say.

Im making hot pot tonight with pork and chillies with my soft tofu so will post a pic later on.


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