Wild Neighbourhood Eating

Char Sui Boa

Suburban eating has never been better in Auckland and our firends Jay and Toko took us to a new rather secret location hidden away in the industrial weird wonder land that is the North Shore.

Ha Ka Seafood Restuarant is worth the drive -check it out!

Dining with a vege and very limited meat eater always means you need another visit in order to get the full story but we were pretty happy with what we did have. Feeling like I was sitting somewhere in Malaysia or Taiwan, looking out to the oddity that is the split level industrial meets housing complexes of William Pickering Drive, I did enjoy fantastically plump Har Gow-no complaints at all as to their texture and crunch. Prawn and coriander dumplings and a magical prawn toast that I have to say was golden brown with cruchy delight from the deep fryer.Their Char sui boa could have been a little less chewy but I wont hold that against them at all.

Super friendly and welcoming, I will be making that trek back to Ha Ka soon.

Prawn and Coriander dumplings



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