Homemade Sausage Roll

Who says a sausage roll can be well crafted and delicious?
I have to admit cheating a wee bit by using my friend Guillaume's amazing sausage meat mix. A true Frenchman his love of charcuterir goes with out mentioning but the range sausages he sells under the name of L'Authentique are something to be coverted.

So mix a pack of his sauasge mix (a simply affair of pork and little else) with toasted fennel seeds, some cooked red onion and a few cloves of garlic , plenty of pepper and salt and done!.
Pop onto some homemade puff pastry and roll up to create a giant sausage that I had to bend to fit onto the oven tray. Glaze and garnish with sesame seeds.
Cook for a good 45-60 mins and serve with a homemade tomato relish -best ever Sunday lunch !!Sunday sausage Roll


Sunday sausage Roll

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