Udon in Nagasaki

I had never been a fan of udon until Nagasaki...well actually just before Nagasaki actually . Fukuoka once again gave me something to blow my mind and regret that I may have spent years missing out on something delicious!

All udon I have ever tried has been gluey, uninteresting and flavourless so I had out of habit by passed it for far more delightfully delicious options that were none of the above. But stumbling into a tiny place run by the coolest old sensei udon made me feel that yes indeed...I had been harsh on the old udon and had some making up to do for lost time.

Nagasaki-last night in town and found this place where he was keen to be closing up for the night. With very limited langauage interaction we managed to get two different bowls if his udon -the one below with beef and whole tempura soft boiled egg and my own was a beautifully fragrant fish broth with tempura veg on top. We assertained he made his own udon each day -a vigorous process I had found out that requires standing on the dough to help give it the elasticity it has.

I was wishing it wasnt out final night in Nagasaki all of a sudden.
So my quest for perfect udon is on with it beginning at home at least to the get the right broth and maybe using frozen udon. Im hoping they will at least have a better texture than the awful packet ones -Ill let you know how I go


Nagasaki Udon-Beef and Tempura whole egg


Nagasaki Udon Bar


Nagasaki Udon Bar

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