Christmas Day Eating 2012

Just  a few pics from Christmas Day. It is always amazing when I go back as I think Ive taken heaps but realize that as usual the food has gotten the better of me and I have nothing!
I was keen this year to do some new dishes ...things I have been working on for book number 2 and thought it was a great time to do them and get feedback .As xmas for us as a family is very low key and certainly not a turkey or ham affair,  Im free to cook up whatever I like.
I started the day off with a few skewers to wet everyones appetite. Classic Vietnamese skewers rich in lemongrass and kaffir lime with that wonderfully firm bitey texture that pork gets when minced well and the air is worked out. Beef marinated with chilli and a load of fermented bean curd and pork and ume balls.?

Course 2 followed about an hour later with a giant salad . Drunken chicken is a classic but one I keep playing with in the hopes I finding another new way to make an already delicious plate a better one. Chicken slow poached for 2 hours in a broth of very rich aromatics and Shaoxing wine. I used wood ear fungus, bean sprouts, fresh cooked bamboo shoots and water lily root with some shelled edamame for colour and served it all with crispy baby cos leaves. Tart, sour, sweet and salty ....really crunchy and toothsome!
Final course was slow cooked pork shoulder. I popped it in at about 8pm the night prior and cooked it till 4am . The smell drove me mad and kept me having to jump out of bed to check it every few hours!! By next morning it has cooled enough for me to chop off any dry pieces , remove the skin and roughly chop it to pop it into cook again with fresh tomatoes , more garlic and shallots and coriander to make a stewy type creation that cooked till dry again and easy to handle when popped into yeast buns with cucumbers soaked in black vinegar and toped with crispy piggy skin!!!! AH! sweet, crunchy, sour and meaty deliciousness!?

I hope everyone had a great xmas day with family and enjoyed way too much food as we did! I hope your food nightmares weren't to outlandish.

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