Sunday Malay Laksa Nov 2012

A windy day in Auckland city and a not much to do Sunday leads us to KK-one of Auckland's most beloved Malaysian resturants on Manukau Road that never seems to close or have a moment of down time.

A wee lunch of Chicken Laksa for me, deep fried silken tofu with crushed peanuts and chilli sauce to share and a giant plate of Nonya fried rice for Chris......soooo full right now.......

As I much as I enjoy the richness of a good laksa with appropraite tart to sweet, it can make you feel like you may never have room to eat again.

I guess KK's big appeal is the casual quality of all -you could be anywhere actually in Asia which I appreciate. I's fast, clean and tasty. I have to admit to enjoy my Laksa with  touch more tart but I can not complain at all.

Its a winning spot-check it out if you havent already and you will want to retunr in order to try everything on the menu


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