That is one Lucky Kitten -Signage in Japan


One thing I love in Japan is signs and sure you can find cool signs where ever you travel but the charm, the quirk and cute is all rolled into one in Japan. I like to make a point of capturing as many as I can so a collection to inspire you as follows....

This one was in Fukuoka pointing the way to yet another of the cities finest ramen spots


Or more ramen this way too .....

Or some Daruma action to indicate how delightfully yum their chicken was....

and we have all had this face at some stage whilst holding a pint of beer and I definalety did while I was in Takamatsu as well


and who woudl not want to be served or cooked by this handsome fatty in Fukuoka?

We all know that Tanuki loves liquor and this one was encouraging you to come to his flrst floor lair to join him in Fukuoka

These very happy pigs were happily being sliced and served with hot coals in Kyoto

While at this very very amazingly delicious Korean Barbecue resturant called Vege-Teji in Kyoto they seemed to be trying to tell us that they were all about vegetables but really they were all about pigs-very delicious ones too. 100% vegetable doesnt really indicate the high proportion of meat that was seen moving between tables but nover the less we had a fine meaty time. They had a great selction of pickles and to make life better on the grill plate an area that held enough oil to slowly fry galric cloves ..genius. We hope to for future oddities such as oursleves that our waiter will pass on the words that he wanted to knwo for us ..the names for spring onion-negi in Japanese and seaweed-that one he was more confused by when you explain that it is weed...yes like a plant , a weed from the sea. It doesnt really give the reverence to this amazign plant thatit deserves does it.

The shared love of pork is outstanding in Japan as it is in beautifully honored in Takamatsu

As you can see Korean barbecue joints are a hit in Japan -this one had flying pigs and wine-yeah


Tasty chicken in Takamatsu

or all night gyoza -plate after plate of delicious glistening gyoza
Or just down the road a fish restaurant with a hand painted sign and a front garden that smelled of the ocean

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