Monday Noodles

Noodle time ! Bowls of steaming and mouth numbing hand pulled noodles-perfect for cold winter days. I said a final good bye to my brother who is back off to London and this was my choice of good bye dishes for him.
Tasty Noodle is one of my favs in Auckland. situated at the end of Dominion Road-far far end...not city end so a wee trip out but well worth it for the fantastic spicy chicken noodle soup at $7 for a small bowl. Don't be thinking this is a small bowl-its a massive bowl of hot and spicy mouth fun that is rich in Sichuan peppercorns to the point of causing you to dribble.
Hand pulled noodles are an extra $1 but the fantastic texture make them well worth it.With a side of shredded potato also in a nice spicy vinegar marinate its the ideal lunch to heat you up. Today we were unfortunate enough to not get our usual topping of roasted peanuts but we have to make do.
I do suggest wearing only black to this fine establishment as you get a little covered in red tinged soupy goodness that does match very well with the red plastic bowls and utensils.?

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