Cheese Brain Sunday

t was to be a mere nibble, a wee taste, a moment of cheese and wine. It was to be all done by 5ish and then onto a movie and a quiet night in but it lasted hours longer than expected and was more of a celebration from all on why we love cheese and how when we eat too much of it we get cheese brain. That mushy, wonderfully dreamy feeling from mass cheese intake. It can be dangerous Im lead to believe -dont operate heavy machinery, don't drive or even consider cooking after that one. Its all about allowing that cheesey goodness to just wash over you.?


Perfectly ripe unpasteurised camembert, St Marcellin, a baby munster, something Im not even sure of the name of but was a pasty washed creation of goat, an an aged basque wonder that my friend Gilles has been caring fro tenderly for the past 15 months.
Hipster shots thanks to Emile . Eating thanks to Gin, Emile and Chris. Beer and wine matches frivolously done but worked so we aren't complaining.Hand modeling by Gen....oh and ring stylists own.




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