Department Store Delights-Japan

The Japanese relish food as much as myself so it is like being heaven when I am there.
Magazine after magazine full of food porn, TV shows about small producers, traditional culinary arts not lost to convenience and the most unbelievable selection of food where ever you go.
You couldn't go hungry in a country that caters to all moods of eating. Snacks are one of my favourites and as some friends and I were saying the other day, you could eat a different snack a day and still never eat them all. You may die of sodium overload but it would be a good way to go.

One of my favourite free things to do (never free in reality after you just have to have one of those and one of these...) is visit a good department store  food market,. Usually in the basement , they are an expensive way to shop but the sheer variety and display is simply incredible.

Fresh fruits and vegetables lovingly merchandised, fresh fish and meats, all manner of dried goods, teas, tofu, coffee, honey, miso pastes and even more prepared foods ready just to take home and recreate. These possibly intrigued me the most. Cabinet after beautifully managaed cabinet stuffed full of onigiri, prepared tempura, bento boxes and piles of dressed salads. Just imagine-you may never need to cook again.......?

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