The Start of Winter-Eating at Home May 2013

The autumn season has started off well with some good eating !

A new dining table has been a worthwhile purchase I have to say and for people who often have others at our table it seems silly it has taken us this long to get a bigger table. So success all round and this has prompted or at least conincided with a few outstanding guests being over recently.......


it all started with congee

A simple affair but one that I have to say takes more time than anyone thinks-and several pot chnages to avoid a burnt bootom so usually 4 pots later and at least 8 hours I have a bowl of goodness that is perfect. I have to admit I can never get perfectly white congee but mine is super full of flavour as I cook chicken frames and pork bones in the rice for the final few hours. It drakens it up which I am sure my own grandfather woudl be unimpressed with but who cares. A soy egg on top and spring onions......heaven.


This was just Monday night at home while Gin is staying with us for a week so a simply Monday evening dinner of pepper tofu, pork balls with broc and steamed salted fish........




Baking is not my thing but a earning for Victorian sponge prompted me but I hthink it was an epic fail !

But all things go back to Dumpling dinner -thats right just dumplings many ways with a bit of broccoli for good measure

Many dipping sauces in which to dip said dumplings including a fav right now that I cant get enough of -schewan peppercorn with toasted sesame and black pepper

And lets face it nothing beats deep fried treats -minced fish with peanuts and coriander wrapped up in beancurd sheet and fried

And a round of gyoza


More recent eating included parental times at home of late-vists from fathers, fathers and mothers and mothers and step fathers whom I always keen to cook for . Im working on several new recipes but havent quite got them perfected enough to pop them up so once I do Ill sort that out


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