Fresh Season Ginger-May 2011

Fresh Season Ginger

Looking more like something that pumps green blood through a carnivorous plant beast, I found wonderfully lumpy fresh ginger pieces at my local health food store. Pull off a green section with root attached and plant it to get your own ginger plant by this time next year was the advice from the smily checkout girl.

Im keen to get this sliced finely into more delicate creations that really emphasis the floral freshness that ginger has when it is this young-pork shank slow cooked with big hunks of ginger, prawns stir fried with slices of ginger, aromatic Thai curries of ginger and will brighten my autumnal mood.

All that weird pink pickled ginger that comes with your sushi is imitating this stuff. Naturally pink with young age, this one's edges are still pink but when you find it super young, it hasn't even developed that scaly exterior yet and is a beautiful rose pink against the bright green stalks.

I recommend eating it fast-any time wasted will change those young and juicy tips to brown in no time.?

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