Last of Summer-a weekend away March 2011

This year it has been a snap change to the air temperature. It is officially autumn and it all happened when we were having a weekend away at Te Whanahu.
The long drive to get out of the city was worth it in the end but the rain kept us indoors most of time. I popped out to gather some herbs, talk with the chickens and gather some tomatoes to start making dinner (one I have posted before....deliciously creamy polenta with beef and pork meatballs) so took a few pics of Cathy's wonderfully abundant garden.

Cathy's tomatoes are fearing much better than mine which are on their last legs. They made a beautiful sauce that I slow cooked for about 2 hours.I added a handful of super fragrant basil too for that real summer flavour.



These baby deep purple aubergines I eyed up thinking of my new eggplant and pork dish that I seem to be making an awful lot lately in the name of recipe testing. Ill post that soon...when Ive perfected it.

But this I am intrigued to cook with to see what results I get.Cardamom! No fruit as yet but the leaves are so fragrant you just need to brush your hand over them to get a perfumed aroma that is simply fantastic. I  can imagine adding a leaf into rice for a subtle perfumed result that would work well with spiced meat sauces and really creamy rice desserts. Ill report back when I have had the chance to play.The fruit forms at the base of the plant under all of those leaves so Ill have to keep an eye out to see if Cathy has any success at all on the fruit front. I suspect it would be too cold and damp though but we can be hopeful.











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