Hanami in the sunshine-Spring Blossom Festival September 2010

Hanami Food September 2010

Hanami September 2010

Spring is a time of festivals all over the world.
The Japanese celebrate it with your usual enthusiasm and vigor.
Daily reports on TV run to inform all of how the cherry blossoms are doing that year so everyone can plan their Hanami-Cherry Blossom Viewing parties.
Its a time of travel to see family, to get married, to have babies and generally think of the hot summer to come. It still cold in most areas of Japan at this time so food plays an important tole in making you warm as does the plentiful warm sake in flasks that dot people's picnic rugs in parks everywhere.

We haven't made it to Japan in Spring yet but saw just the merest glimpse of the beauty of thousands of cherry blossoms all in flower at once when we were there at the very end of winter.You can see why it is celebrated as it is so ridiculously over the top and beautiful. There is an almost fake fluffiness about it all but when you are sitting looking at a grove of over a thousand trees at an ancient temple, one can get a little emotional.

So back at home we have our own Hanami thanks to a local park having their own grove of cherry cherry tress that burst into flower like clock work one week after my birth day in late September.
A chance to enjoy the sun that has been sorely missed over winter, to catch up with friends and naturally to all bring some delicious treat we have been savoring lately, it is a wonderfully relaxing afternoon.


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