Best of the Season

Seasonal eating is all about making the most of what is readily available.

We have become so far removed from seasonal eating due to the accessibility of foods from all over the world.

Seasonal eating allows your body the nutrients it requires at different times of the year.

It is no coincidence that as the cold weather approaches that there is an abundance of cheap citrus to help ward off colds and flu. Nutrient rich dark green veg only make an appearance at times when our bodies need them as do wonderfully bright coloured  summer vegetables and fruits.

Choosing what is in season when you shop will also mean you pay less for it. Look for the items that are in abundance and at a low price. You will find you wont have to compromise on quality to get a good amount of fresh items for use in the kitchen.

This section will be a celebration of seasonal produce to include seasonal meats, fruits, vegetables and any thing else that we wait eagerly to appear each year.


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